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What is OMEGA?

OMEGA stands for “One Million Everyday Green Actions.” It’s a game created by Verdigo. We want everyone to play because we want to shift the conversation about environmentalism into real world actions. You do what you do. You see what others are doing. You compete to see who’s doing more. You have fun. You talk and inspire. You motivate and activate.

The key is that you-we-act.

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Registration creates a player profile, allowing you to create Groups or show off your pearly-whites or join any conversation thread. Most importantly, it allows you to compete head-to-head with everyone else playing. Plus, you get to collect points and see yourself on the Leaderboard—proof of your awesomeness, right?

It's a game, You Should Play.


Invite others to create a Group with you. Y’all get to run an exclusive micro-game together. Winner gets bragging rights—forever. Or until the next Group campaign. Oh and by the way, smack talk and competition encouraged.

How to play

Everyday Green Actions

This is the stuff you’re likely to do on any given day. Check the list; click the ones you’ve done today; and watch your points rack up. Come back every day. Repeat.


Keyword = Challenge. This is the potentially crazy stuff that may be out of your comfort zone. There’s are different ones all the time. These are meant to challenge you to up your game; to do something you’d normally either not even think of, or could never have imagined you’d do.


*Coming soon. Not every green action is simple to do. Sometimes you have to put a few actions together to get something done. We call these quests.