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verdigo: a green disruption of resistance to change

(no, it's not a typo. yeah, we made up the word.)

About OMEGA and Verdigo

Verdigo is the name of our social enterprise. We made up the name by combining some other words and concepts. What we do is provide a social media platform for green games. Not like video games, though. More like...OMEGA!

OMEGA is a specific game created by Verdigo. It's a community race to One Million Everyday Green Actions. We started in Alberta. We live here, so it seemed like a good idea. Any city with at least 5 sponsors and 1000 players can gets its own OMEGA. Just ping us.

Verdigo Business Model: Infinity Loop

Meet the Team

Kevin Gangel

Co-founder - CEO

When Kevin Gangel's not working in his garden or trying to figure out how to jerry-rig the damned downspout to go into the rain barrel instead of out the sides... he's actually pretty accomplished.

Kevin brings 15 years of corporate sales and leadership expertise, having managed a multi-million dollar line of business in the HR and IT sector, and with a broad background in non-profit governance. He is a Certified Mediator and Negotiator (through the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society), a Past President of the Canadian Information Processing Society, and a former instructor of the Alberta Community Development Board Governance Program.

He is also a two-time Finalist with Alberta Venture, in the categories of both Business Results and Best Workplace, and an internal award winner as Manager of the Year with a leading professional services firm, where he served three years as national Chief Environmental Officer.

More recently, Kevin co-delivered Canada's first Social Entrepreneur bootcamp. He is an active advisor for an award-winning green technology company in addition to his coaching, facilitation, and leadership development engagements.

Kevin's primary business is as Founding Partner and Consultant with Unstoppable Conversations, a ‘future-driven thinking' consultancy delivering Cultural Transformation.

Sheryl Pearson

Co-founder - Chief Governance Officer

Sheryl Pearson spends an inordinate amount of time admiring her amazing eco-home – featured on Edmonton's annual Eco-Homes Tour – and really, why shouldn't she? But even she has to take a break from that now and again. So this is what she does in her spare time:

Sheryl is an entrepreneur-social worker-lawyer who is committed to causing compassion in the world; advancing social enterprise as a viable business model; and promoting sustainable living.

Sheryl's eclectic background gives her a breadth of experiences to draw on in advising and counseling clients. Beginning her legal career with a highly-regarded Edmonton law firm – where she practiced litigation and became registered as a collaborative family lawyer – Sheryl eventually focused her attention on law reform and policy design. After acting as counsel to the Alberta Law Reform Institute, she started her own consulting practice as a Law and Policy Adviser through which she consults on projects at the intersection of law and social policy. Sheryl assists organizations including government, not-for-profit organizations, and professional associations to achieve their policy goals by reviewing, designing, drafting and providing training on organizational policies.

As a co-founder of Verdigo, social justice ambassador, and an eco-home builder, Sheryl has made it her business to make a difference in the world.

Tim Sloan

Co-Founder - CTO

Contrary to popular conjecture, Tim Sloan does have a heart. It just beats really... really slowly.

When it comes to building things on the web, it's this extremely calm demeanor that enables Tim to stay focused in the midst of the constant disruption that new technology creates. As Verdigo's programmer, game designer, server admin and more, Tim truly is an Internet Jack-of-all-trades. As one of the co-founders, his primary role has been to transform the Idea (listen for bell ding) into (cue: heavenly choir) Reality. This has involved everything from writing the code to seeking clarification about how it's supposed to work.

Of course, Tim (like Sheryl) also needs a hobby, so during most days, Tim is the Technical Director and key partner at Lift Interactive, a web design and digital marketing agency that's been one of “Alberta Venture's Fast 50” for three years running. Lift Interactive build amazing websites and thrilling online experiences. Tim's been building websites of all sorts for more than 13 years and while he's embarrassed by some of his earlier work, he knows that the path to success is paved with failures. Tim's primary weapon of choice is Python and the Django (if you have to ask which letter's silent, you're not worthy) Framework but he'll dig into PHP or Ruby on Rails too.

Tim is a big believer that humanity can do better for now and for tomorrow. He's inspired to be a part of Verdigo so that he'll see more people trying harder to make the world a better place. Tim should be pretty easy to beat in the game because he's spending so much time building it. However, you might not want to rub that fact in his face or he might cheat.

Sandra Gangel

Head Content Writer

Having earned a BA (Honours) in English Literature, Sandra Gangel paid her dues by working in a call centre for an electrical power provider as a credit specialist. Yup, that means she sometimes had to give the order to turn people’s power off until their accounts were paid up. One day, having heard herself say to an irate customer, “No sir, I am not being snooty. I’m simply enunciating clearly,” Sandra got deeply present to what her job was all about. She mustered the courage to cut the ties to a regular paycheque and struck out on her own as a freelance technical writer. Creating one proprietary software manual was one manual too much, so she soon gave up pretending and finally started writing a novel instead.

Publishing under the pen name “SG Wong,” Sandra writes novels and short stories about the fictional world of Crescent City. Her debut novel, Die On Your Feet, is shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing in the category of Best First Novel.

Sandra also writes a regular column for her community newsletter, called The Green Corner, in which she chats about all sorts of topics related to being an eco–conscious citizen. She will count it a personal victory when her neighbourhood finally adopts trash pooling. She is also involved in her community garden as the newsletter liaison and workshops coordinator.

Since 2012, Sandra has served as Vice President of the Get Publishing Communications Society, an Edmonton–based group that exists to contribute to writers, editors and publishers by connecting them and…well, getting things published. Currently, she is also serving as co–Chair of the professional conference, Words in 3D 2015, where publishers, editors and writers will connect at a meaningful level to advance projects and careers, as well as to expand industry networks.