actions proving Everyone is walking the walk.

No Challenges

Think you’re a pretty fierce green warrior? Ready to try something a little more difficult than waiting til 9pm to hit “Start” on your dishwasher?

Then these challenges are for you.

Finish ’em in any given day and you can claim the action(s) for points. You can try for all on the same day. You can space them out. You can group them for special days of the week. Whatever you like.

We want you to “act green” in fun, possibly weird ways. You can decide when.

And, oh yeah: these are worth 20 points. Each.

We try to have at least one up all the time but sometimes we miss a day.

Biodiversity and Habitat

Please, check back soon.

Everyday Green Actions

It takes more than one day a year.

Know that saying, In for a penny, in for a pound? So, let’s do it. Put green actions into your regular routine. Earn bragging rights to being the meanest, greenest, planet–loving contender on your block.

Let's do this.

Impact Areas

Global environmental revolution is our destination. This is your road map. Choose an area and get to it.