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OMEGA and Verdigo: How to play

Get Your Head in the Game

We want to transform your relationship to "green" behaviours and habits. 'Cause we're all about massive shifts in our collective consumerism and our stewardship of this planet. And hey, we don't necessarily care if you're already an urban hippy or if you're still not sure how to spell "environmentalism."

What we DO care about is getting EVERYONE playing the game.

Yup, it's a commitment, all right: Play every day. Have fun. Change the world.

Big Picture

Inside the OMEGA game, players click to get credit for "Green" Actions they take in the great wide world. If you're registered in OMEGA, you'll accumulate points and have access to competition with other players and/or groups. If you're not registered, your actions will still accumulate toward the wider community counter.

Sponsors pay to have themselves linked to particular actions, thereby letting people know what their values are in relation to the environment. This gives sponsors-corporations, not-for-profits, cities, etc.-the chance to educate people about their Social Responsibility initiatives and commitments.

Players can accumulate points through two different but related ways: Everyday Green Actions and the Challenges.

Everyday Green Actions

  • The complete list of Everyday Actions appears, unfiltered, on the lower left-hand side of the page.
  • Click all of the Everyday Actions you've done today. You can come back throughout the day as you complete them. Or, you can wait until just before beddy-bye time to do them all at once.
  • You'll be taken to a "Thank-you" message. Read / watch / listen to it.
  • Click the Everyday Actions link at the top right to get back to the rest of the list to complete your day's tally.
  • Alternatively, you can filter your Everyday Green Actions by clicking on the desired "Impact Area" and the desired "Area of Life" on the lower right-hand side of the page. The list of Everyday Actions will change accordingly.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 4-you guessed it!-every day.


  • New Challenge are posted all the time. (Or is that night?)
  • You have just a short time to complete the task.
  • Click the button when you've done the Challenge.
  • Watch your points climb upward on the Leaderboard.

Leaderboard / Dashboard

The Leaderboard is where you see the wheat separated from the chaff. (Or, the curds from the whey, if you're gluten–intolerant. You know what we mean.) OMEGA is about competition-always respectful, capiche?-so naturally, we need a way to keep score. How else are you going to back up that bragging?

Use the Dashboard to drive your participation within OMEGA. From here, you'll get you where you need to go when you want to change your settings and navigate the site.

Sign Up

So easy, you'll take longer reading this than doing it. And we never sell your personal information. Never.

If you sign up, you get access to the Leaderboard and a Dashboard. If you don't, you don't. It's up to you. We just want you to play. the. game.

And change the world. Simple, right?


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