actions proving Everyone is walking the walk.

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In your city, for your organization or company.


One. Million. Everyday. Green. Actions.

A green revolution at the grassroots level.

OMEGA builds green habits; spreads awareness; encourages action. It challenges notions of activism, social impact and eco–consciousness.

And it does it all through fun and competition.

OMEGA is the first game created by the social enterprise called Verdigo, a platform for social change in the environmental arena.


Wanna do more than pretty pictures and snappy copy? Engage people in conversation, not just give them a snazzy monologue?

OMEGA is your chance to translate marketing dollars into real-world impact and measurable results. When you sponsor actions in OMEGA, you bring your 'listening ears' to what matters to people in their daily lives and you get to say something about yourself.

And they'll talk back, don't you worry 'bout that.


Obvious, right?

Just click the button. Talk to us: what Impact Areas do you want to focus on first?

Then start sponsoring actions. Engage with people in their real lives, potentially on a daily basis, and build your street cred for having a true commitment to improving our planet's health.

In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

You in?